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Researcher DataBase - Personal Information : LEGRAND Julien

Assistant Professor
College of Science - Division of Geosciences Faculty of Science - Department of Geosciences

Special notes : LEGRAND Julien

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Basic information on teaching staff

【Degrees earned】
Ph.D.  Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris 6)   2009/10
【research area】
Biology - Basic biology - Ecology/Environment
【research themes】
Clarification of past terrestrial ecosystems and sedimentary environments from Paleopalynology
【Research Keyword】
fossil plants, pollen and spores, angiosperms, paleoecology, sedimentary environments
【Academic societies you belong to】
・International Organisation of Palaeobotany (IOP)
・Agora Paleobotanica
・Palynological Society of Japan
・Palaeontological Society of Japan
・The Japanese Society for Plant Systematics

Research information

【Papers, etc.】
[1]. Ostracods had colonized estuaries by the late Silurian
Biology Letters 17/ 20210403- (2021) [Refereed] refereed [Internationally co-authored papers] internationally co-authored paper
[Lead author or co-author] co-author
[Author] McGairy A., Komatsu T., Williams M., Harvey T.H.P., Miller C.G., Nguyen P.D., Legrand J., Yamada T., Siveter D.J., Bush H., Stocker C.P. [DOI]
[2]. Implications of an early land plant spore assemblage for the late Silurian age of the Si Ka Formation, northern Vietnam
Annales de Paléontologie 107/3 102486- (2021) [Refereed] refereed [Internationally co-authored papers] internationally co-authored paper
[Lead author or co-author] author
[Author] Legrand J., Yamada T., Komatsu T., Williams M., Harvey T., De Backer T., Vandenbrouckee T.R.A., Nguyen P.D., Doan H.D., Nguyen H.B. [DOI]
[3]. Palynofloras from the Itsuki and Kuwajima formations of the Tetori Group and their correlation with Paleofloristic provinces of eastern Asia
Paleontological Research 25/3 177-190 (2021) [Refereed] refereed [Internationally co-authored papers] non-internationally co-authored paper
[Lead author or co-author] author
[Author] Legrand J., Yamada T., Terada K., Nishida H. [DOI]
[4]. Paleofloristic and paleoenvironmental implications of a Late Jurassic palynoflora from the Tochikubo Formation, North-East Japan
Geobios 65/ 29-39 (2021) [Refereed] refereed [Internationally co-authored papers] internationally co-authored paper
[Lead author or co-author] author
[Author] Legrand J., Takimoto H., Pons D., Nishida H. [DOI]
[5]. Fluvio-estuarine deposits of the upper Silurian Si Ka Formation in the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam
Journal of the Sedimentological Society of Japan 79/2 46- (2021) [Refereed] refereed [Internationally co-authored papers] internationally co-authored paper
[Lead author or co-author] co-author
[Author] Komatsu T., Yamada T., Legrand J., Williams M., McGairy A., Nguyen P.D., Doan H.D.
【Books, etc.】
[1]. Nature and Time on Earth - Virtual field trips through the Nature of the past
Springer (2020)
[Book type]book(educational)
[Sole author, co-author, or author and editor] joint work
[Author]Kvaček J., Coiffard C., Gandolfo M., Herman A.B., Legrand J., Mendes M.M., Nishida H., Sun Ge, Wang H.S. [Range] Unit 5. When and why Nature gained Angiosperms [Total page number] 462 [REP page number] 129-158
【Academic conference/research presentations】
[1]. Palynostratigraphy of the Permo-Carboniferous succession in two wells from the Gulf of Suez, Egypt
日本古生物学会2021年年会 (2021/7/4) other
[Presenter]Maher A., Yamada T., Legrand J.
[2]. 上部白亜系蝦夷層群函淵層ハドロサウルス産出層の古花粉学的研究
日本古生物学会2021年年会 (2021/7/4) other
[Presenter]馬場美邑・ルグラン ジュリアン・西村智弘・池田昌之
[3]. 初期陸上植物の微化石群集から解明する北部ベトナムSi Ka層の地質年代と古環境
日本古生物学会2021年年会 (2021/7/4) other
[Presenter]Julien Legrand・山田敏弘・小松俊文・Mark Williams・Tom Harvey・Tim De Backer・Thijs R.A. Vandenbroucke・Phong Duc Nguyen・Hung Dinh Doan・Hung Ba Nguyen
[4]. 白亜紀アプチアン海洋無酸素事変OAE 1a時期の遠洋深海層状チャートでみられた遠洋域での陸上植物の堆積
Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2021 (2021/6/4) other
[Presenter]中川友紀,Julien Legrand,Maximilien Bôle,堀利栄,黒田潤一郎,長谷川精,池田昌之
[5]. Early land plant spore assemblage from the Si Ka Formation, East Bac Bo: biostratigraphic and paleoenvironmental implications
Scientific conference for the 55th anniversary of the Vietnam Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources (VIGMR) (2020/5/) other
[Presenter]Legrand J., Komatsu T., Yamada T., Williams M., Harvey T., Vandenbroucke T., Bush H., Nguyen P.D., Doan H.D., Nguyen B.H.
【Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research
[1]. ヒカゲノカズラ類における地下茎から根への進化過程の解明 ( 2021/4 ~ 2024/3 ) Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) member

[2]. 全ゲノム重複を花粉化石記録から実証する試み:ゲノム進化と地球史の連結に向けて ( 2021/4 ~ 2024/3 ) Challenging Research(Exploratory) member

[3]. 東南アジアの白亜紀花粉化石から明らかにする被子植物の初期進化 ( 2020/4 ~ 2023/3 ) Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) leader

[4]. 超大陸と超海洋から読み解く中生代の地球環境変化とその生態系への影響 ( 2019/4 ~ 2021/3 ) Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research member

[5]. 地質時代境界事変のペースメーカーとしての天文周期 ( 2019/4 ~ 2023/3 ) Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) member

【Research Grants & Projects(except for KAKENHI)】
[1]. 日本の中生代古植生の解明と花粉層序の確立に向けた古花粉学的研究 (2018/4 - 2019/3 ) [Offer orgnization] 藤原ナチュラルヒストリー振興財団 [System name] 第26回学術研究助成金(地学) [Role] principal investigator
[2]. 白亜系姫浦層群の花粉化石群集 (2017/9 ) [Offer orgnization] 熊本大学 [System name] 共同研究助成金 [Role] co-investigator(Kenkyū-buntansha)
[3]. 微化石(花粉)データと大型化石(二枚貝など)の採取および絶対年代測定用試料の採取 (2017/9 ) [Offer orgnization] 上天草市 [System name] 調査研究助成金 [Role] co-investigator(Kenkyū-buntansha)
[4]. 中期中新世布沢層の花粉と葉化石から復元する只見の古植生 (2017/4 - 2018/3 ) [Offer orgnization] 只見町 [System name] 平成29年度「自然首都・只見」学術調査研究助成金 [Role] co-investigator(Kenkyū-buntansha)
[5]. 古花粉学による日本の後期中生代植生変遷と被子植物多様化過程の解明 (2016/4 - 2017/3 ) [Offer orgnization] 藤原ナチュラルヒストリー振興財団 [System name] 第24回学術研究助成金(植物学) [Role] principal investigator
【Awards & Honors】
[1]. 2019 Best paper award Late Early Cretaceous (Albian) Sasayama Flora from the Sasayama Group in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan (2020/6)
[Winner] Yamada T., Legrand J., Nishida H. [Association] Palaeontological Society of Japan
[2]. 2015 Academic Research Encouragement Award Palynofloras from the upper Barremian-Aptian Nishihiro Formation (Outer Zone of southwest Japan) and the appearance of angiosperms in Japan (2016/3)
[Association] Chuo University
[3]. 2014 Best paper award Lower Cretaceous (upper Barremian-lower Aptian?) palynoflora from the Kitadani Formation (Tetori Group, Inner Zone of central Japan) (2015/6)
[Winner] Legrand J., Pons D., Nishida H., Terada K., Yabe A. [Association] Palaeontological Society of Japan
[4]. 2011 Best presentation award Plant mega- and microfossils from the Lower Cretaceous Kitadani Formation of the Tetori Group, Central Japan - its implications on phytogeography and climate in East Asia (2011/7)
[Association] Agora Paleobotanica
【Holding academic or research conferences, etc.】
[1]. The 2nd Asian Palaeontological Congress (2023/1)
[Role at conference, etc.] other
[2]. 日本進化学会第17回大会 (2015/8)
[Role at conference, etc.] other [Site of conference, etc.] 中央大学
[3]. XIII International Palynological Congress & IX International Organisation of Palaeobotany Conference (2012/8)
[Role at conference, etc.] other [Site of conference, etc.] 中央大学
【Other academic research activity】
[1]. 静岡大学地球科学研究報告編集委員 (2020/10 )
[2]. 1st International Symposium of International Geoscience Programme IGCP Project 679, Qingdao (China),座長「Cretaceous plants, diversity and palaeoclimate」 (2019/10 )
[3]. Paleontological Research(日本古生物学会)誌幹事 (2019/6 )
[4]. 日本古生物学会第 168 回例会(小田原),座長「古植物学の部」 (2019/1 )
[5]. 5th International Palaeontological Congress, Paris (France),シンポジウム幹事「Mesozoic Paleontology and Paleoenvironments of Indochina(S25)」 (2018/7 )

Education related information

【Courses being taught this academic year】
[1]. Faculty Course 地球科学論文演習Ⅱ (2021(FY) - second semester )
[2]. Faculty Course 地球科学論文演習Ⅳ (2021(FY) - second semester )
[3]. Faculty Course 地学実験 (2021(FY) - first semester )
[4]. Faculty Course 地球科学野外実習Ⅰ (2021(FY) - full year )
[5]. Faculty Course 地球科学英語演習 (2021(FY) - first semester )
【Number of students advising】
Number of undergraduate students(junior students) 1
Number of master's course students : 1 Number of doctorate course students (assistant advisor) : 1

Contributions to society

【Seminar,Workshop, Event, etc.】
[1]. exhibition 徳島県立博物館 企画展協力「とくしまの恐竜時代」 (2019/7 )
[Details] 展示協力
[2]. exhibition 長崎市科学館「三ツ瀬層の化石」 (2018/9 )
[Details] 展示協力
[3]. exhibition 福井県年縞博物館「水月湖 年縞」 (2018/9 )
[Details] 展示協力
[4]. exhibition 甑ミュージアム恐竜化石等準備室「甑島列島の微小化石」 (2018/3 )
[Details] 展示協力
[5]. symposium 化石研究会(於 岩手県久慈市 / 特別協力 久慈琥珀博物館) 第148回化石研究会例会「久慈で見つかった恐竜時代の生き物たち」 (2017/10 )
[Details] 後期白亜紀久慈層群の植物化石から見た古植生及び古環境
【News coverage】
[1]. TV NHK World, Science View (2021/10/19)
[Summary]「Fossil Findings - Clues to Japan in the Cretaceous Period」
[2]. journal 現代ビジネス (2021/7/19)
[Summary]「白亜紀の日本は“アマゾン”!? “復元”したら見えてきた9000万年前、恐竜時代のニッポン」
[3]. journal Yahoo!ニュース (2021/7/19)
[Summary]「白亜紀の日本は“アマゾン”!? “復元”したら見えてきた9000万年前、恐竜時代のニッポン」
[4]. TV NHKいわチャン (2021/6/11)
[5]. TV NHKサイエンスZERO (2021/5/15)
[Summary]「恐竜化石がザックザク! よみがえる“白亜紀ニッポン”」

International contributions